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Casa di Nonna Nuccia

Dear guest, welcome in my summer house, in a special place, immersed in a fascinating and charming atmosphere, which recalls a familiar and cozy location.
It surrounds by the hills, but a few steps from the main tourist centers of the Marche Region.
The original structure dates back to 1550 and over the centuries it was restructured several times, the last witness was 1704, as reported by an inscription on the beam of the main bedroom.

We used to come here when my sons finished school.

My family and I loved to escape from chaotic lifestyle and rediscover the pleasure of living in contact with nature and history.

During this time I used to cook special dishes for my kids while they were playing and riding bike around countryside.

Today my children are grown and, therefore, I decided to open the doors of my house to guests who want to discover this land with its traditions and flavours.

The atmosphere has remained the same, a place of peace and quiet, ideal for resting where you can lull by birdsong and cicadas, where the starry nights are truly unique and special.

Enjoy your holiday
Nuccia Grandma

“Every moment has its pleasures and its hope”

Jane Austen, Mansfield Park


Casa di Nonna Nuccia is in Varano district, just 6 km from Fabriano and is set to host 6 people. The structure is divided into two floors: at the ground floor there is a kitchen and a large living room with a long table, sofas and a cozy fireplace. Upstairs there is a bathroom with a toilet and shower and three bedrooms, two double room and one single room with a bed sofa-bed. The house is surrounded by a large garden to eat and spend hours in the sun in total relaxation.


If you need to contact us, our mobile numbers are
Andrea (+39) 347 2764342
Sergio (+39) 348 3340057

“A journey in the Marche region, if not hurried, leads you to see wonders…”

Guido Piovene, Viaggio in Italia, 1957




50 tips for your holiday at
Casa di Nonna Nuccia

  • Tip 1

    You have to visit Fabriano which is famous for making high-quality paper on an industrial scale, starting in the 13th century, don’t miss to visit Paper & Watermark Museum

  • Tip 2

    Have a look at the two tables of the XVI century at St. Michael Archangel Parish Church of Varano, in the first there are the Madonna with the Child in her arms, between St. Michael Archangel and Anthony Abbate (1517); in the second there are Vegine with Child, St. Anne and three other angels.

  • Tip 3

    Sight the Abbey of San Cassiano, small Roman-gothic architectural gem of the thirteenth, nestled at the foot of Mount Testagrossa (m.1175).

  • Tip 4

    Very closed to Casa di Nonna Nuccia, there is a traditional handcraft paper laboratory called "Fabriano handcraftpaper mill, by Sandro Tiberi " which organizes special workshop for tourists, artists and schools/ summer schools and it's specialized in the old art of making paper. You can visit our laboratory and choose one of our workshops in which you will learn how beautiful and enchanting is the world of hand- making paper (for more information contact to Sandro Tiberi + 39 3470774944, sandro.tiberi@gmail.com, www.handcraftpaper.com)

  • Tip 5

    Visit Frasassi Caves in Genga which were discovered by a group of Ancona speleologists in 1971. They are rich in water, the cave system is particularly well endowed with stalactites and stalagmites.

  • Tip 6

    Make a trip at Sentinum Archeological Park in Sassoferrato where you can see the ruins of an ancient Roman city. This area was famous for The Battle of Sentinum in which Romans won against Samnites and Gauls in 295 B.C.

  • Tip 7

    Swim in the bracing mountain torrents at Gaville when the heat rises.

  • Tip 8

    Bring with you a camera and walk the hills and mountains meadows above Casa di Nonna Nuccia you can find amazing and naturalistic views.

  • Tip 9

    Look perplexed at Piero della Francesca’s Flagellation - described by Sir Kenneth Clarke as the world’s greatest small painting - in Urbino’s Palazzo Ducale

  • Tip 10

    Experience the more thoughtful side of Roman Catholicism at the venerable monastery of Fonte Avellana on the flanks of Monte Catria.

  • Tip 11

    Another spiritual experience is going to see “Baia di Sitria”

  • Tip 12

    Drive to the peak of nearby Monte Catria and see if you can see the Croatian coast on the other side of the Adriatic - you’ll need to walk the last 20 minutes.

  • Tip 13

    Join the pilgrims at Loreto to visit the Holy House - one of the most important of Europe’s many Marian shrines.

  • Tip 14

    Light a candle at the tomb of the patron saint of ecologists as well as Italy’s patrono, Saint Francis of Assisi. Admirers of the pre-Christian era should also visit the remains of the Roman forum right underneath the town’s central square.

  • Tip 15

    Go see the Bronzi Dorati at Pergola - a group of celebrated gilded bronze Roman equestrian statues.

  • Tip 16

    Take a picnic up to the meadows of nearby Monte Cucco

  • Tip 17

    Visit the Conero peninsula just south of Ancona for limestone cliffs and pretty coves, with some that can only be reached by boat.

  • Tip 18

    Organizing a walks on the hills with a beautiful horse surrounding Umbria-Marche Apennines through woods, streams and meadows in close contact with nature thanks to Equestrian Centre Horse “La Pirella club”

  • Tip 19

    Try one of the many running routes around Casa di Nonna Nuccia

  • Tip 20

    Fly is your dream? Near to you there is “F. De Rossi” Airfield in Loc. San Cassiano

  • Tip 21

    If you love fashion and shopping there are many outfits in Casette d’Ete, while Civitanova Marche is specialized in shoes factories.

  • Tip 22

    Italian Food is unique but you have taste our traditional products. Visit “Consortium for the Production and Protection of the Fabriano salami” in P.le 26 Settembre 1997 - 60044 - 60044 Fabriano (ph: +39 0732 709221)

  • Tip 23

    If you want to know more about Marche wine you can organize a special tour, you can contact for example CONSORZIO FRASASSI (0732 97211 - grotte@frasassi.com)

  • Tip 24

    Spend a sunny day at Campodonico Swimming pool surrended by Marche hills

  • Tip 25

    Do activities and excursions under the guidance of experts at “Green Room” of Valleremita, the centre for Education environmental (CEA), defined as a "school without walls" because it has educational centre with classrooms, science labs and a natural history museum.

  • Tip 26

    You can get an amazing view from The Hermitage of San Silvestro, about 6 km from Fabriano. The area is part of an protected area, surrounded by a forest of beech trees with tall trunks and maple trees. From here you can admire the rolling hills and broad valleys, lay at the foot of the mountains.

  • Tip 27

    At Porto Recanati you can visit Giacomo Leopardi house and discover the places which inspired him.

  • Tip 28

    If you are loking for a spiritual route, you can go to Temple of Valadier, near Genga. It is a small and charming church, built in a cave.

  • Tip 29

    Along the old Flaminia road, between Acqualagna and Fossombrone, there is Furlo pass. It is an enchanting destination, full of history and nature.

  • Tip 30

    Don’t miss to walk along Senigallia seafront where there is an original buiding, called “Rotonda”, for is peculiar shape.

  • Tip 31

    A wild beach is in Sirolo, with a crystal clear water and black stones

  • Tip 32

    If you love art there are many art gallery in Fabriano, Sassoferrato and Jesi with famous paintings

  • Tip 33

    Bar “Otello” it is an historical place in Fabriano, you have to taste its icecream

  • Tip 34

    In Italy is very popular “happy hour” before dinner. There are many pubs and bar where you can drink and taste some canapé, for example at “La Taverna del Palazzo” in Fabriano

  • Tip 35

    If you want to eat special dishes made with tartufo you have to reserved a table in “Il Castoro” restaurant in Preci (Pg)

  • Tip 36

    During summertime go to “Chalet garden”, via cappuccini n. 29 - 60044 in Fabriano, a nice place to hangout in the evening

  • Tip 37

    If you love beers, you have to taste them at “Lo Sverzo” Pub

  • Tip 38

    Can’t miss to have a coffee in a traditional place as Caffè Storelli in Fabriano

  • Tip 39

    Try the breakfast or happy hour at Bar dell’Angoletto

  • Tip 40

    Do you like ‘70/ ’80/ ‘90 music? In Sassoferrato there is a special event for you! It is called “Vintage Event”

  • Tip 41

    Are you in a rockabilly mood? Don’t miss “Summer Jamboree” in Senigallia

  • Tip 42

    Have a rest and do fishing experience at Laghetto della pesca in Cancelli

  • Tip 43

    Visit “Il Montano” at Costacciaro where you discover the history and traditional treatment about oil, in the anciet frantoio

  • Tip 44

    If you are interested in cicloturismo and you would like to discover Marche by bike you can contact C.A.I Marche Region (marinelli.giampiero@alice.it)

  • Tip 45

    If bike is your passion, don’t miss “Bike Museum” in Fabriano with a collection of bikers

  • Tip 46

    Know more about “Templari” legend and visit St.Croce Church in Sassoferrato

  • Tip 47

    If you love music check Rossini Festival in Pesaro

  • Tip 48

    This area is full of castles, some of them are “Il Poggio”, “Gallano”, “Pasano”, “Serra”, “Postignano”, “Salmaregia”

  • Tip 49

    Jesi is one of the main cities in Marche, you have to organize a visit to Pinacoteca

  • Tip 50

    Do you want to try an alternative hills tour? Contact "Events in Surrey" and you can try a suggestive trip around Varano, or if you want, in the night under the starry sky. All these possibilities, starting from Casa Nonna Nuccia.


Remember you must have your driving licence, insurance and car registration documents with you when you're driving - spot checks are common. Italian law also requires you to keep your dipped headlights on during daylight while driving on all main roads, and to wear a fluorescent waistcoat if you get out of your car when broken down on a main road. Diesel (gasolio), LPG (GPL in Italian) and methane (metano) are available in this area . Although petrol stations are closed for a long lunch break and all day Sunday, you can buy petrol - as long as you have some crisp Euro notes - from the 24-hour machines in the forecourt.


The advantage of coming to this part of Italy is that you will bump into fewer foreign tourists. The disadvantage is that locals are less likely to speak good English. A few words of Italian help enormously. In any event, you will find the people of this area very patient and friendly, and shop keepers anxious to understand what you are looking for. As in every country in the world, words like "Good morning" (buongiorno), "please" (per favore/per piacere) and "thank you" (grazie) will help you a long way.


There are different kind of banks in Fabriano. If you have a credit or debit card you will find these, the easiest way to get money. Banks are open from 8.30 until 13.30 and from 15.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday only - they are closed on Saturday.

27, Piazzale Mateotti - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 4048

53, Via Zonghi - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 777002

26, Via Cavallotti Felice - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 627658

41, Via Alighieri Dante - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 5557

21, Viale Zonghi
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 627006,0732 629268

74, Corso Della Repubblica
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 5424

73, Corso Della Repubblica - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 251254,0732 233042

36, Via Don G Riganelli
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 708260,0732 7081

4, Piazza Garibaldi Giuseppe
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 21050,0732 251859

54, Piazza Garibaldi
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 251142

71, Via Dante
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 251686

66/B, Viale Martiri Della Libertà
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 627915

44, Via Martiri Della Liberta - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 5810

52, Via Martiri Della Liberta - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
tel: 0732 251557

28, Viale XIII Luglio - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 627239

175, Via Dante - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 777003

33, Via Dante
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 251573

16, Piazza Miliani
AN Fabriano
ph: 0732 635311


Here you are a list of supermarkets closed to you

Via Dante, 270 / C - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732626255 f: 0732250755

69, Viale Serafini - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 626846

8, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 677302

26, Via Bruno Buozzi - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 3536

60, Via Cortina San Nicolo' - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 736193

Viale Lamberto Corsi - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 627889


57, Viale Zonghi - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 629193

Snc, Via XIII Luglio - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 22987

21, Via Dante Alighieri - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 63581

71, Piazza Garibaldi - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 3766

20, Via Bellocchi Mario - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
ph: 0732 251622


The weekly morning markets held in the local towns are worth a visit, especially the ones at Fabriano and Sassoferrato.
Here are the nearest:
Friday Sassoferrato - Saturday Fabriano. Note that parking is not easy on market days and may require a longish walk.


In most of the town's supermarkets, the food is on the shelves for you to help yourself, except for the delicatessen counter, where you also need to ask for bread. When ordering from the delicatessen counter, most things are sold in units of etti (un'etto/due etti) one etto = 100 grams, or slightly less than a quarter pound. For small quantities it is common to use a half etto (un mezz'etto).

Traditional local bread - pane comune - is unsalted and many guests, used to salted bread, find it tasteless. Conad (see below) sells ciabatta and pane pugliese both salted; if you want wholemeal bread ask for pane integrale - Alimentare sell a particularly good integrale. Remember that shops sell out of bread quickly and by the afternoon there is often little choice. In emergencies you can buy packaged, sliced white bread called pan carrè which makes passable toast but is otherwise inedible.

Here a useful wordlist:
cheese - formaggio
- pecorino (nostrano)- ewe's milk cheese (local)
- parmigiano (gratuggiato) - parmesan cheese (freshly grated)
milk (full/semi-skimmed) - latte (intero/parzialmente scremato)
fresh cream - panna fresca (there is no "single" or "double cream" - all panna fresca is halfway between the two and only just whips up thick with a lot of work. If you want cream to go with a dessert a better bet is mascarpone cream cheese.
bread - pane (bought by the half kilo or kilo (mezzo kilo/un kilo)
"parma" ham - prosciutto crudo cooked ham - prosciutto cotto
olives - olive

The main kind of fruit & vegetables that you can find at our shops, depending on season, are:
apples - mele
aubergine - melanzane
bananas - banane
broad beans - fave
courgettes - zucchine
cucumber - cetriolo
fennel - finocchio
french beans - fagiolini
garlic - aglio
lemons - limoni
lettuce - insalata
melon - melone
nectarine - pesche noce
onions - cipolle
oranges - arance
peaches - pesche
peas - piselli
peppers - peperoni
potatoes - patate
rocket - rucola
tomatoes - pomodori
water melon - cocomero or anguria

At the butcher's counter you'll find:
beef - manzo
chicken - pollo
lamb - agnello
liver - fegato
pork - maiale
rabbit - coniglio
steak (beef/pork) - bistecca (di manzo/di maiale)
sausages (excellent) - salsicce
turkey - tacchino
mince (lean) - carne macinata (prima scelta)


Prodotti Tipici - There is a smart "speciality" shop in Fabriano called Alimentare; you'll find it in the city centre. They sell excellent olive oil, cheeses, real balsamic vinegar, the best regional wines, and chocolates. You have to taste the typical salami of this area which is called Fabriano salami as the name of the city.

If you are in the countryside around Fabriano you have to taste the famous larded salami produced in many farms in this area. It became famous because Giuseppe Garibaldi tasted and appreciated it, there is also a letter in which he talks about Fabriano salami. You should know that the first phase of the process consists of cutting the fat (only the one of the back, the better) in cubes and in the preparation of noble parts of the pig (leg and shoulder) also cut and then chopped. The mixture lean and lard are seasoned with salt, pepper and peppercorns. The whole is then aged in the intestine "budello gentile", the most suitable to its maturation. The "Fabriano larded salami " is produced from the end of September to the beginning of May and it must age at least two months in cellars and attics with ventilated air (cells aging at a controlled temperature , would spoil the organoleptic qualities), but they can mature up to five or six months. Covered with a dark brown mold, the salami is hard and rough to the touch. The flesh is firm, dark red, with lard and white fine grain. It was a product that was never missing on the tables of the Marches people, both for the taste and for the high tradition of the art of Norcineria reserved to this product.

The Norcineria, was an art born at the border between the Doric Region (Ancona), and the Umbria and later developed in the territory of the region from the hinterland to the sea with a significance perhaps not found in other italian regions. This art, with its rites, was mainly based on the respect given to the "Norcino", who was called in for butchering of pigs due to his skill in making the "Pista" (the operations of processing the products derived from pork) or, as it was called in the Marche "La salata". The tradition of Norcineria in Fabriano and surrounding areas, handed down from generation to generation, is filled with delicacies and other products derived from the processing of other parts of the pig, such as the famous ciabuscolo said "ciavuscolo" in the local language, the loin, the coppa di testa and ending with the "loin master." Some parts of the pig are also packaged in fresh food such as the sausages or the "soppressato" that are so soft that can be spread on bread and eat it right after it is produced. These are fresh products that don't need any aging to release their full flavour. A visit to one of the local farms, will be an unforgettable experience to get to know our tradition and to enjoy the best sausage products manufactured in a completely handmade old manner.


The Marche's pride is Verdicchio made from the local grape with the same name. This green-tinged wine with a distinctive bitter finish goes well with the region's Adriatic fish. It is among Italy's best-known dry whites, and has come a long way since the commercially successful but mediocre Verdicchio of twenty odd years ago. The two DOC (the official Italian equivalent of the French Appellation Contrôllée) versions are - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Verdicchio di Matelica. The Riserva versions of both wines have now been given the elite DOCG category. The other Marche DOC whites include Bianchello del Metauro and Colli Pesaresi Bianco from the north, Esino Bianco and Colli Maceratesi from the central Marche, and Falerio, and Offida Pecorino and Passerina from the south.

While the Marche is known world-wide for its white wine, the region also makes some outstanding reds. Around the Conero peninsula, Rosso Conero, made from the Montepulciano grape, is a rich, perfumed wine that often reaches greatness - the riserva version now boasts the coveted DOCG description on its label. Rosso Piceno, and the even better Rosso Piceno Superiore from the south, blend Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes. A red sparkling oddity is Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, normally a sweet dessert wine but also available in a drier secco version; this is Le Marche's other DOCG red wine. Other Marche DOC reds include Sangiovese dei Colli Pesaresi around Pesaro, Esino Rosso and the delicious intensely-scented Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, both from the central Marche, Vernaccia di Pergola in Pesaro e Urbino province, and Colli Maceratesi Rosso from around Macerata.


If you have medical or dental problems during your stay we can put you in contact with a local doctor and dentist. European Union guests can claim back the cost of treatment but this is not always easy; unless treatment is going to be costly, it is much simpler and not expensive to see the doctor as a paying private patient.
Fabriano hospital has an excellent 24-hour casualty department - look for the red Primo Intervento . A number of our guests have had minor problems solved there without difficulty.

Viale Stelluti Scala 26 - 60044 Fabriano (AN)
tel: 0732 7071
numero verde: 800 098798


Farmacia Cerrotti Snc Di Girolamo & Helvia Cerrotti
Via G. Miliani, 1
ph: 0732-4959;

Farmacia Comunale Fabriano Srl - N. 1
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 5

Farmacia Comunale N.2 Fabriano
Via Dante, 270/A

Farmacia Giuseppucci Vito
Piazza Matteotti, 20
ph: 0732-21215;

Farmacia Monzali Snc
Piazzale G. Miliani, 4/a
ph: 0732-21918;

Farmacia Popolare Boselli
Via Cialdini, 6
ph: 0732-21917;

Farmacia Silvestrini Tomassina
Via Brodolini Giacomo
(località: Marischio, 105/d)
ph: 0732-252056;

Images Gallery

An overview of our house, outside and inside. As you can see, Casa di Nonna Nuccia is a perfect and safe place for your family, especially for children. Moreover you can spend time in total relaxation with your friends enjoing Marche hills. Animals are more than welcome!


Casa Di Nonna Nuccia
Località Varano - 60000 Fabriano (An)
Tel +39 0732 24480
Fax +39 0732 24488
Andrea +39 347 2764342
Sergio +39 348 3340057

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How to reach Us

Coming from Rome
Take the A24 motorway. Continue towards Terni, Spoleto, Foligno, Nocera Umbra, Gualdo Tadino. Keep going till Fabriano direction. After about 10km take the first exit for Sassoferrato. Continue towards Sassoferrato. At about 5.5 km on the left is the junction for Marischio. At the first junction, you will see signs for Varano which forces a reverse U. Casa di Nonna Nuccia is 100 meters on the left

Coming from the north Ancona and Macerata
Drive toward Rome. Exit at "Fabriano West exit" and take the direction for Sassoferrato also after the tunnel. At about 5.5 km on the left is the junction for Marischio. At the first junction, you will see signs for Varano which forces a reverse U. Casa di Nonna Nuccia is 100 meters on the left.

Coming from Pergola, Sassoferrato
Pass over Sassoferrato and follow Fabriano direction and then to Rome. At about 7/8 mile on the left is the junction for Marischio. At the first junction, you will see signs for Varano which forces a reverse U. Casa di Nonna Nuccia is 100 yards on the left.